Bravo® Glass Types

Being able to choose from a variety of glass opacity creates an unlimited selection.

Select from our tempered, laminated and specialty glass types. They are all manufactured with safety and quality in mind in our own factory. Choose your glass opacity to provide breathtaking style while maximizing natural light and creating privacy for both people and storage.


Bravo silver mirror glass

Silver Mirror

Bravo grey mirror glass

Grey Mirror

Bravo bronze mirror glass

Bronze Mirror

Standard Glass

Bravo beige light glass

Beige Light

Bravo black classic glass

Black Classic

Bravo White Soft glass

White Soft

Bravo Luminous Red glass

Luminous Red

Bravo Brown Classic glass

Brown Classic

Non Standard Glass

Bravo Metal Taupe glass

Metal Taupe

Bravo Pearl White glass

Pearl White

Bravo Pure White glass

Pure White

Bravo Anthracite glass


Bravo Blue Shadow glass

Blue Shadow

Bravo Grey Classic glass

Grey Classic

Bravo Grey Metal glass

Grey Metal

Bravo Starlight Black glass

Starlight Black

Bravo Cashmere glass


Bravo Dakar glass


Bravo Dark Red glass

Dark Red

Bravo Aubergine glass


Bravo Stone Grey glass

Stone Grey

Bravo Rich Aluminum glass

Rich Aluminum

Bravo Red Terraccota glass

Red Terraccota

Bravo Deep Grey glass

Deep Grey


Bravo Satin Pure White glass

Satin Pure White

Bravo satin silver glass

Satin Silver

Bravo satin silver bronze glass

Satin Silver Bronze

Bravo satin grey silver glass

Satin Grey Silver

Bravo satin cashmere glass

Satin Cashmere

Bravo satin dakar glass

Satin Dakar

Bravo satin stone grey glass

Satin Stone Grey

Bravo satin black glass

Satin Black